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Welcome To The Hemlocks RV & Lodging

The Hemlocks is a long standing establishment that opened in 1954 as a gas station, café and motel. Over the years, and with various owners, the café evolved into a thriving restaurant, much loved by the local community. Word of the delicious food and welcoming atmosphere spread into Canada and Montana. The RV Park was added and this local business became a regional destination. Eventually, hard times came to the Hemlocks causing it to close.  Since 2013 this much loved lodging destination and facilities has been revived!

In April 2020, Johnney Walker purchased The Hemlocks and with great

joy has been working to revive and expand the RV park add ing the new outdoor lodge,BBQ Restaurant and lovely rustic atmosphere of the much beloved  Hemlocks Resort and facilities. Prior to buying The Hemlocks, Johnney spent much of his life and professional career in Texas where he was born and raised barbecuing and catering all over the country. This Pitmaster brings his love and expertise of BBQ , Mesquite ,Hickory and Oakwood '' low and slow ''cooking to Northern Idaho at Old West Texas BBQ at The Hemlocks.


Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!


Long term monthly rentals available now ! 

please call Johnney Walker 1-832-330-8812 for details

free water , sewer, snow removal , on site security , laundry ,showers and free internet !

large wooded sites 

$650.00 per month plus metered electric

month to month 

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