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A truly unique celebration

Dazzling summer displays of wildflowers are made possible in this beautiful area by abundant moisture falling in the surrounding Selkirk Mountains. Their unusual east-west orientation holds winter snow and acts as protection from prevailing winds.
Many couples envision exchanging their vows in a mountain meadow, knee-deep in flowers, but are faced with issues of accessibility for family, guests, musicians, etc. Our site has lush meadows nearby, a beautiful garden, and practical amenities. A flagstone aisle transitions into the vows area, where the views are breathtaking. The garden is radiant with traditional garden flowers and wildflowers, hanging baskets, shrubs and trees.


Absolutely beautiful! The rooms are beautiful! R.V. spot was amazing also! We enjoyed our stay, and we will definitely be back! ★★★★★​


Erin S.

Incredible place to stop. Well kept, owners were great to chat with, had free laundry that came with the site. Will definitely stop next time I pass through.

Mark M.

I stayed there in April it was fantastic, great place to go for vacation.

Ronda L.

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